User Testimonials

The Genial gWallet is best used for plethora of services from Mobile/DTH/BroadBand recharges.

Akshay Soni

The Money transfer to any bank account/ wallet, Utility bill payments, Travel Ticketing, Music & Movie downloads, Sports subscription, Shopping on websites, Movie tickets on BookMyShow and a lot more can be done smoothly and securely.

Arun Krishten

The Genial Bulk SMS is very good service for multy purpose.

Rajesh Mishara

Genial is the excelent paltform for every telecom related solutions.

Pawan Gupta

360degree SIMSWAP fraud prevention Mechanism was deployed in Tazania by India based Genial Consultancy Software Emerging Firm for Telecom Operator & Mobile Banking Users , It's inbuilt intelligence gives leverage to give Simswap instantly so system does Bank & Mobile Wallet protection on its own. Thanks to Genial Consultancy

Anunay Choksey

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers

Do you sell Gift vouchers?
Yes, we do. They are for sale at the salon.
What products do you use?
We use a variety of products, but one we found to be well liked by our clients is Australian Tea Tree Bodycare, which is suitable for the whole family. We also are a retailer of those products.
Do I need an appointment before I come to see you?
Yes we do require appointments to be made before we can treat you. Sometimes those appointments may be available on short notice due to a cancellation. Please call us on 020 8980 2381 to enquire.
Can I change my design?
A beautician is an individual who provides treatments for a wide range of beauty and grooming needs, including skin care, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, make-up, waxing, massage, nail care and male grooming. Beauty therapists can also advise on exercise and dietary control, and many are qualified to administer electrical treatments. Beauticians usually work from a salon or spa but some are willing to visit a location of your choice to provide the treatment (including your home and office). A qualified beautician/beauty therapist should also be able to recognise when a client needs referring to another professional e.g. a dermatologist for skin problems.
I am a male looking for a beauty professional - do they always cater to both sexes?
Most salons and individuals will offer unisex treatments for both male and female clients. However, some gender-specific salons do exist. Male grooming salons, for instance, specialise in beauty treatments adapted specifically for male clients. Please visit our Male Grooming page to find out about the great taboo of male beauty, the benefits of maintaining a well-groomed appearance and the range of male-only treatments available to you. To find out if a beauty professional caters for your sex, simply click on their profile. Any gender-specific treatments (such as barbering for men and eyelash extensions for women) should be listed under 'Services Available'..
What is a full or partial weave?
A weave is either low lights or high lights put over your current hair color. The difference between a partial and a full weave is that a full weave is the whole head and a partial weave is only the crown area of the head.
Can children get spa services?
Yes, we do allow children to receive spa services with a parent or guardian permission.
What’s the difference between gel and acrylic nails?
Acrylic nails have plastic tips or forms that extend off your natural nails. Gel nails are an overlay over your natural nails which will grow as your own nails grow.
What do I need to bring or wear for my spa services?
When taken back for your spa service you will be given a locker with a robe and slippers to put on prior to your service.
How long should my hair be for waxing?
For waxing services we do require the hair to have at least 2.5 to 3 weeks of growth.
Can my children come with me to the spa?
Unfortunately we do not provide a child safe environment. We do ask that you make other arrangements for children under the age of 12, prior to your appointment, no children will be allowed in our spa or waiting area unless they are receiving a service.
What should I do if I need to cancel?
If you do have to cancel you appointment we do ask for a 24 hour notice. Please just contact the front desk.
How early do I need to arrive?
Please plan on arriving ten to fifteen minutes early for your service.
What if I am taking medications?
We recommend for you to please contact your care physician to ensure that the medication you’re on won’t affect the results of your service. Please let your operator know of any conditions you may have prior to your appointment.