GWallet is an innovative, first of its kind solution that transforms the normal GSM phone into a secure PIN-based ATM machine in the hands of every customer.GWallet provides Mobile phone customers with all the services normally found on the bankís ATM machine, directly on their mobile phones along with Utility bill payments.
Customers can deposit and withdraw money from a network of agents that includes airtime resellers and retail outlets acting as banking agents. GWallet is one of the mobile commerce industry's most trusted mobile wallet platforms. GWallet extend the capabilities of ubiquitous mobile handsets with new services for their subscribers that help improve subscriber loyalty and reduce churn. Financial institutions use GWallet to extend banking services to millions of unbanked customers
The service enables its users to:

  • Deposit and withdraw money.

  • Transfer money to other users and non-users.

  • Pay bills.

  • Purchase Airtime.

  • Transfer money between the service and a bank account.

Gwallet(Mobile Wallet) is a mobile enabled application and payment service provider which enables its network of users/subscribers to make convenient payments to any designated affiliates or Mobile Walletís appointed network of merchants to accept mobile points as mobile based payment gateway. Mobile Wallet is for e-money virtual mobile based prepaid card accounts by means of using your mobile phone to make purchases via SMS as well as using the same e-money account to make purchases via the Internet.
Through our services, Mobile Wallet users are able to make payments wirelessly for purchase(s) or service(s) immediately anywhere at any time from anyone to anyone. Please note that all payment request to recipient participating Merchants or Mobile Wallet from Mobile Walletís user must be initiated from the userís registered mobile phone number and all payment confirmation notified from Mobile Wallet to its Merchants and Users shall be 100% genuine.

This is achieved as Mobile Walletís current user subscription structure is comprised of a prepaid-deposit system (under the e-money concept), whereby all Mobile Wallet users is required to purchase credits to top-up their virtual wallet account which resides in their mobile phone number as a subscription account number. Hence, whenever a purchase payment request is initiated from the user, Mobile Walletís automated system will check for sufficient balance in the userís account to be debited to perform the required purchase(s).