Genial HLR GUI is an online solution for Telecom HLR Provisioning through middleware which keeps track of all agent activities, inbuilt business rules for fraud prevention, User friendly and strengthen RA to monitor HLR activities conveniently.

  • HLR GUI enables CC agents to activate/deactivate GPRS,3G,Roaming Activation, Data, Incoming/Outgoing and various other HLR services.

  • HLR GUI avoids SIM swap fraud for Telecom and Banking Customers.

  • HLR GUI has feature of White listing of VIP, Merchant, and Corporate to protect them from SIM swap fraud.

  • HLRGUI mitigate frauds involved in mWallet Services due to simswaps.

In Airtel Tanzania HLRGUI is successfully running from last 2 years and it helped to strengthen the Provisioning and Airtel Money platform security.