Loyalty Management System (LMS)

Loyalty Applications can boost your business, and help promoting new services to customers and will retain them to your business and will increase their buying trend.Loyalty Management is the need of modern competitive world of business specially in the Retail, Telecom, Banking, Airlines industries.
In the retail and distribution market sectors, effective gathering, collating and utilisation of customer information is becoming ever more critical in the battle for loyalty and increased spend from a known customer base.Genial can build and deliver a total solution for the capturing, mining, reporting and utilisation of customer data alongside the services required to interface with and support the customer.

Capturing Data

The quantity and quality of data is obviously critical to an effective loyalty scheme, therefore data is captured from all possible sources through feeds, interfaces and integration.

Collating and cleansing data

Where data is being received from multiple sources, it must be collated to create a single source of cross referenced information. All data must be cleansed to ensure all data protection rules are met and de-duplicated to ensure quality of approach to customers.

Reporting and profiling

No real benefit has been gained purely from capturing and collating data, it is only when this data starts to be effectively utilised that the real value can start to be realised. Reports can provide valuable information on trends, patterns and profiles of a customer base, all of which can be utilised for better business planning.
However the real value is to use the data to achieve enhanced customer spend and loyalty, which can only be achieved with the combination of specific technologies combined with retail knowledge and experience as provided by Genial.


A loyalty scheme must be created that will be effective relative to the type and image of the retailer combined with what will best interest the customer. Significant knowledge and experience of loyalty schemes and the retail market are essential to achieve this. With over 5 years experience in the retail market and over 2 years running Loyalty Schemes with over 0.5 Million members, Genial is ideally placed to provide consultancy and support to maximise the potential of any Loyalty scheme